Bell County TX custody lawyer

by admin on November 26, 2010

Bell County TX divorce lawyers

However, the court would very much prefer that the husband and wife arrive at an agreement by themselves, and this will be particularly true in affairs of child custody. As suggested within Chapter 6 in the Texas Family Code, the court may require counseling and/or mediation before hearing a custody case. The overarching intention of the law is to prevent any kind of stress which the children might experience from the proceeding, and this approach also needs to be the primary concern of the mom and dad. Nobody wants the state to make choices which impact their own children, it’s always best to make every attempt to arrive at a voluntary agreement.

Contested divorce cases are generally costly, time intensive, and quite often acrimonious. Prior to choosing to take a case to court, bear this in mind, and also take into account that the judge is going to be working with the same details which you have, which means that you can probably predict what he or she is likely to rule. Nine out of ten divorcing partners can reach an agreement, and so it is likely that you can as well if you remain fair, sensible, and also realistic and put forth the proper amount of effort.

Should you have questions or worries about a contested divorce proceeding, make contact with a Killeen custody lawyer in order to arrange for a complimentary discussion. A good divorce lawyer Killeen TX will give you the assistance you need with any aspect of a Killeen TX divorce.

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