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by admin on December 29, 2011

New York County criminal lawyers

Arrested and charged with driving under the influence in Long Island? While you’ll certainly need a attorney at law to defend you in court, it can make things a lot lessbewildering toknow what’s going to take place in court before you talk to a lawyer.
The first hearing in your DWI case is sureto be an arraignment. After studying the charge against you, the judge will enquire whether you plead guilty or innocent. Unless you’re represented by an attorney and have talked it over carefully with your attorney, you’ll want to plead “not guilty.” For help with an Mineola criminal case, call New York City criminal attorneys right away.

Central Islip criminal attorneys

If you aren’t already represented by an legal professional, the judge willcome to a decision whether you areeligible for a government-appointed lawyer, termed a “public defender.” Being appointed a lawyer satisfies your constitutional right to the assistance of counsel in criminal cases where you could possibly be deprived of your liberty.

Mineola criminal attorney

If you have an attorney at law, or are appointed a public defender who is present in the courtroom, the prosecutor could supply your attorneyduplicates of any police reports and other documents the prosecutor is intending tobe dependent upon in presenting the case against you (such as blood alcohol test results).
Your Brooklyn criminal lawyers will likely bring motions to have explicit damaging evidence kept out of the trial.

New York drunk driving

Although many driving under the influence cases are solved short of going to trial, it’sa possibility that you’ll find yourself at trial. If so, the trial would proceed in a predictable manner, with: Jury selection driving while intoxicated, Opening statements by your attorney and the DA, outlining the evidence each intends to present, Testimony from witnesses, Cross-examination of the witnesses by both attorneys, Motions, Closing arguments from both lawyers summing up the evidence, and arguments about how the law applies Jury instructions, Jury deliberation, Verdict

Sentencing in a New York driving under the influence case

Drug or alcohol counseling or outpatient or intensive inpatient rehab You’ll have to have a aggressive Manhattan DUI trial attorney to defend you before and throughout trial. It’s best to find a attorney at law that you trust as soon as possible after being charged with a DUI.

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