Child Custody Laws in Frisco TX RE Third Parties

by admin on November 22, 2011

Visitation Rules in Frisco

Frisco TX Paternity Lawyers

The right that parents have to be involved in the lives of their children is inherent and strongly supported by the TX Family Code, and when you are married and getting divorced, there is little to debate concerning parental rights and responsibilities. There may be some need to hash out the details in the case of a divorce, but the rights themselves are clear to all concerned.

However, when a couple who are not married have children, the matter can sometimes be more complicated. In cases when there is no dispute, and the father has assumed parental responsibilities all along and both parties agree about paternity, nothing needs to be done; his parental status has been established. The need to prove paternity can sometimes exist, and the laws surrounding this matter are elucidated in the Uniform Parentage Act that can be found in Chapter 160 of the Texas Family Code.

There are times when the mother of a child wants to prove the paternity of the father so that he will be required to pay child support. In many cases the mother in this situation would ideally like the man who she alleges to be the father to play a direct emotional and supportive role in the life of his child as well, but that is ultimately his choice. There was a time when the matter of paternity could be very difficult to establish with 100% certainty, but today due to the existence of genetic testing there is really no way to sidestep parental responsibility or refuse access to a rightful parent.

If you have questions or concerns regarding grandparents and third-party custody/visitation, contact a family lawyer Frisco in order to request a free discussion. A good custody attorney in Frisco can offer the help you may need with all aspects of a Frisco TX divorce.

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