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by admin on November 4, 2010

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If you are involved in child custody battle then talk to competent Killeen military divorce law firm today.

Divorce cases are complicated. Any mistake you make can affect the result. At the outset, you must be ready for a long battle. Remember, your spouse may fight ugly. You have to be prepared. Expect the worst reaction from your spouse. Never have completely unrealistic expectations of what you will get from the divorce. Make your expectations reasonable and don’t expect that you’ll get it all. The key in approaching divorces is to have realistic expectations, focus on problem solving and do all that you can to assist your own case.   

Judges are humans. They are bound by law and procedure. So although you may be right, it is highly possible that the judge may feel you are wrong. Never expect that your viewpoint, no matter how noble and fair, will prevail.

Once the divorce petition is filed in the superior court, the other spouse is served with the paperwork and given time to file reply. The court will not grant a divorce based upon the irretrievable breakdown of the marriage until at least 30 days after the other spouse is served. If the spouses are in agreement about asset and debt division, the divorce can be finalized without a trial. If the parties are unable to come to an agreement, the court will determine a time for a hearing, usually some time in the future. When the petition is filed any party can request temporary assistance from the court in the form of temporary custody and child support orders, and orders to determine who pays community debts on a temporary basis.

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