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by admin on December 28, 2011

West Palm beach divorce lawyer: Looking at Child Visitation, Divorce, Legitimation and Paternity in FL

Florida takes a fairly forward-thinking solution to the action that many of us have come to identify as divorce. In fact, the process itself actually isn’t even described as divorce any longer; it is lawfully termed a “dissolution of marriage”. With regards to the question that has been in the past thought about as “child custody,” the state uses a more healthy technique, preferring to support a feeling of shared parental responsibility. This allows both parents an equal right to give the child or children included in the divorce proceeding with actual domestic care as well as the right to be involved in decisions which are made on the part of the children. In case you have any problems or worries with regards to child visitation, legitimation and paternity, speak to a divorce lawyers West Palm Beach for a free consultation. An experienced divorce attorney West Palm Beach will give you the assistance you need with your West Palm Beach divorce.

Divorce attorney West Palm Beach

When parents happen to be married, the legal rights and obligations of the father tend to be inherent. However, after the parents of the dependent children aren’t married, paternity must be confirmed in order for the father to be able to assert these rights. Other than being married at the time that the child was born, you have four paths to demonstrating paternity in Florida. The first approach will be for the father and mother to simply sign a document attesting to the man’s paternity.

This can be completed in a healthcare facility soon after the child is born, although such an affidavit can be filed later on as well. Yet another way that paternity may be established is using an administrative order that is based on genetic tests, and this specific solution is favorable since it doesn’t necessitate going to court. If paternity cases go to court a judge sometimes requests genetic testing, and this kind of court order would be the third manner in which paternity can be established. The fourth and final method is through legitimation, which is when the unmarried partners gets married. This ensures the assumption of paternity in the eyes of the law, but for the father to be named on the certificate of a birth, the marriage certificate and an Acknowledgement of Paternity form must be recorded with the Bureau of Vital Statistics. When paternity has been demonstrated by way of one of these approaches, the father of the child takes on all of the legal rights and obligations that accompany legal parentage.
Consult with a seasoned divorce attorney West Palm Beach now to discuss your rights.

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