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by admin on December 14, 2010

Erie PA criminal defense attorney

Erie Pennsylvania DUI attorney
Initial hearing
After examining the charge against you, the judge willinquire whether you plead guilty or innocent. The judge will  conclude whether to reduce your bail amount or release you on your “own recognizance” without looking for additional bail. If you aren’t already represented by an attorney, the judge will decide whether you aresuitable for a government-appointed lawyer or attorney, termed a “public defender.” If you have an attorney, or are appointed a public defender who is present in the courtroom, the prosecutor could give your attorneycopies of any police reports and other documents the prosecutor is intending tocount upon in presenting the case against you (such as blood alcohol test results).
Motions in an Erie DUI Trial Your attorney will likely bring motions to have a variety of damaging evidence kept out of the trial. Examples of evidence that defense lawyers work hard atremoving from a DWI trial at the pretrial motionperiod comprise:
Physical evidence such as alcohol bottles confiscated from the car

Trial for a PA DUI
Although many DWI cases are concluded short of going to trial, it’splausible you’ll find yourself at trial. If so, the trial will probably proceed in a predictable manner, with:  
Opening statements by your attorney and the prosecutor, outlining the evidence each intends to present Testimony from witnesses Cross-examination of the witnesses by both attorneys Motions from your attorney after the prosecution has presented its case, sometimes asking the judge to dismiss the case for lack of evidence Closing arguments from both lawyers summing up the evidence, and arguments about how the law applies Jury instructions (by the judge) on the law the jury must apply Jury verdict
Sentencing for a DWI
A long jail term if you were involved in an accident where you injured or killed someone
You’ll really need a seasoned PA criminal trial lawyer to stand for you prior to and in the course of trial. It’s most appropriate to find a legal practitioner you trust as soon as possible following being charged with a Pennsylvania offense. For help with an Erie Pennsylvania DUI, then call a criminal defense attorney Erie PA.

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