Frisco Texas Family Law Lawyer: Alimony

by admin on December 2, 2011

Frisco TX Family Law Lawyers: All you wanted to know about divorce

In certain divorces, judges award alimony, often known as maintenance, to one party. An alimony order is more likely after a long marriage or if one party gave up career plans to support the other spouse or care for children. Maintenance is designed to assist the lesser-earning spouse survive the divorce and begin a new life. Based on on the duration of the marriage and the extent to which one spouse was financially dependent on the other, maintenance can last for several years. Whether one spouse is entitled to support from the other after the divorce depends on the question of need. Does a spouse require monetary assistance to maintain a standard of living close to that the couple had during the marriage? There’s no fixed law, but usually the longer the marriage, the stronger the chance that maintenance is appropriate. A marriage of more than ten years is generally considered a marriage “of long duration” and generally carries with it a starting assumption that some maintenance will be awarded. However, even after a long marriage, if both spouses earn roughly the same amount and have similar assets, a judge is unlikely to order alimony. Alimony falls into two broad categories: short-term and long-term or permanent. “Reimbursement” support is a category of long-term support. A spouse may also get temporary support before the divorce is final. How long the ex-spouse should assist support the other is as much in the court’s discretion as is the amount of maintenance. It’s possible that a former spouse may receive more than one type of alimony at the same time. When one spouse is receiving more than one kind of alimony, say rehabilitative and short-term, then once the spouse is employed again, the rehabilitative alimony will terminate. The short-term alimony will continue until its termination date.

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