Garden City criminal lawyer

by admin on December 17, 2011

NYC criminal attorney

Caught and charged with drunk driving in Nassau County? While you’ll obviously need a representative to defend you in court, it can make things a lot lessconfusing tofully understand what’s going to come to pass in court before you talk to a lawyer.
For help with an Riverhead criminal case, consult with Riverhead criminal attorneys as soon as possible.

Garden City criminal attorney

The judge will establish whether to reduce your bail amount or release you on your “own recognizance” without looking for additional bail. If you aren’t already represented by an attorney, the judge willchoose whether you areeligible for a government-appointed lawyer or attorney, referred to as a “public defender.” Being appointed a lawyer satisfies your constitutional right to the assistance of counsel in criminal cases where you might possibly be deprived of your liberty.

Garden City criminal attorneys

Your Central Islip criminal attorney will likely bring motions to have specific damaging evidence kept out of the trial.

NY driving under the influence

Although many driving while intoxicated cases are settled short of going to trial, it’splausible you’ll find yourself at trial. If so, the trial probably will proceed in a predictable manner, with: Jury selection driving under the influence, Opening statements by your attorney and the DA, outlining the evidence each intends to present, Testimony from witnesses, Cross-examination of the witnesses by both attorneys, Motions, Closing arguments from both lawyers summing up the evidence, and arguments about how the law applies Jury instructions, Jury deliberation, Verdict

Sentencing in a New York DWI case

If you’re convicted for New York drunk driving, the judge may sentence you to: A short jail stay You’ll need a aggressive Kings County NY criminal defense trial lawyer to advocate for you prior to and throughout trial. It’s best to find a attorney that you trust as soon as possible following being charged with a NY DWI.

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