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by admin on October 17, 2011

Orange County DUI attorney

Irvine California DUI Attorney – Criminal Defense Law Firm

Getting a speeding ticket can be frustrating and incredibly costly. Not only is there a fear of huge fees, but also in Orange County there is also the fear of losing your license. Like several other states, California has a points method for traffic violations and when they reach a selected level, commonly 15, your license can be suspended. Fees in an Irvine, CA can reach $500 or additional and that is assuming there are no earlier traffic violations or accrued points on your driving record. Most folks are afraid of the court space and fear that they would lose anyway, so they just pay the ticket. What they do not realize is that numerous of those that challenge the ticket get the solution to attend traffic clinic and it basically keeps the violation off their records.

The city of Irvine, like the rest of cities in California is identified for their exorbitant fees connected with speeding tickets. That’s not to mention the elevated insurance coverage premiums and poor driving record. There are a range of consequences and considerations that would make it possible for for the ticket to be dismissed following all there are some controversies over Lidar and Ladar guns, as properly as other engineering applied to base a motorist’s speed.

If you are debating regardless of whether or not to fight that speeding ticket, only do the math. Figure the boost in insurance coverage premiums, points on your driving records and the possibility of losing your license, then pick up the phone and let a Orange County CA speeding ticket attorney aid you today.

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