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by admin on January 11, 2012

Cell Phones, Texting and other Distractions that can cause you to get rear ended

A number of tests have proven that sending texts or using a cell phone while driving a car could be even more dangerous than driving drunk, especially in terms of getting rear ended. In fact, a lot of automobile accidents happen, and thousands of individuals are killed or injured each and every year, due to the fact drivers divert their awareness from the highway to use a cellular device.

While some states have passed laws either prohibiting or limiting this kind of conduct, others have yet to act. In reaction to this hazard, the U.S. Department of Transportation enacted DOT 14-10 on January 26, 2010, which prohibits truck and bus drivers from sending text messages while driving. This government measure is effective right away and applies to drivers of interstate buses and trucks with a weight of over 10,000 lbs. Violators can be subject to civil and/or criminal fines of up to $2,750.

What to do if rear ended? For more information about efforts by the U.S. DOT to fight driving distractions, look at Even where specific laws banning this behavior have yet to be passed, individuals could nevertheless be held accountable when they negligently cause accidents when they are texting, speaking on cellular phones or are otherwise distracted. As technology advances and automobiles become loaded with interactive features like GPS, navigation and satellite radio, the chance of getting rear ended and serious injuries will undoubtedly increase.

If perhaps you were injured in a car accident because of a motorist who was sending text messages, talking on a cellular phone or otherwise distracted, you ought to contact an accidental injury law firm for a free initial consultation. See a law firm with numerous years of practical experience handling automobile accident cases and will fight hard to recover the compensation you need and deserve.

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