Richmond Hill GA Criminal Defense Lawyers

by admin on December 8, 2010

Savannah Georgia Criminal Trial Lawyer

Criminal DUI Trial Lawyer Savannah GA
Results of a DUI Defense Charge in Metter The various outcomes of a criminal charge includes without limitation: a criminal investigation with no arrest, an arrest but dismissal of the case due to a procedural error made on the part of the police, an arrest followed by a plea bargain made with the government where the person pleads “guilty” in exchange for a lighter sentence, an arrest followed by a trial where the person is found “not guilty”, or an arrest followed by a trial and a guilty verdict and conviction. A conviction will carry many hidden consequences that can will be seen under a variety of circumstances. A criminal conviction can have major repercussions. A previous conviction can play a vital role in the result of all future criminal charges. It’s most helpful to find a legal representative you trust as soon as possible soon after being charged with a criminal offense.

If you are charged with a criminal trial in a GA DUI Offense Criminal, then consult with a skilled Savannah DUI Attorneys as soon as possible.

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