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by admin on February 15, 2012

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DUI Attorney Savannah Georgia DUI Attorneys To decide which defenses could be used in your driving while intoxicated (DWI) case, your attorney will see all the evidence showed by the police and interview witnesses. Driving Observation Defenses

The prosecutor always relies (sometimes exclusively) on the arresting police officer’s account about how exactly a DWI defendant was driving a car, including: Very slow speeds, Sporadic speeds (very fast, then very slow, for example), Moving from one side of the lane to the other Traversing the center line of the freeway, Running a red light, Hesitation in going through a green light.

A good Savannah DUI defense lawyer will debate that there may be other explanations for these driving behaviors which don’t have anything related to being alcohol-impaired. An official can also testify about a DWI suspect’s appearance and behavior when questioned, including: Unclear speech|Bloodshot eyes} Inappropriate joking or incoherent speech Stumbling or not being in position to walk very far Defenses against these observations that do not have anything to do with being drunk can include: Contact lenses Stress due to personal circumstances Nervousness over being stopped by police Field Sobriety Test Defenses Hire aggressive Savannah Georgia DUI Attorneys now to discover your rights.

When a policeman suspects you could be too intoxicated to drive, he or she will in all probability ask you to do what are called “field sobriety tests.” These tests are made to analyze your physical and mental performance, and can include: Walking a straight line Standing on one leg

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Officers also sometimes rely on what’s also known as a “nystagmus” test, in which the suspect is asked to shift eye gaze from one side to the other while the officer shines a light source in his or her eyes. The theory is that the gaze of the person who is inebriated by alcohol or drugs may be jerky rather than clean.

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